Marketing to First Responders: Brevity Where It Counts

    by Crawford Coates   March 7, 2023   News

    There’s a lot competing for our attention in today’s digital marketplace. Given the demands of their duties, first responders can be even harder to reach than general audiences. For those marketing to public safety, this is the challenge. It’s not surprising today’s first responders are busy. Public safety requires them to react at a moment’s […]

    6 Key Tips to Great Public Safety Marketing

    by Jeff Berend   March 28, 2022    Insights, Leadership, News, Strategy

    The public safety market isn’t all that big. Spotting the organizations that find marketing success in this sector is easy if you have enough experience. RedFlash has been helping clients understand and reach public safety leaders for more than two decades. We’ve seen our share of fast risers and equally swift disappearance acts. Having the […]

    What Does 2022 Hold for Public Safety?

    by Jeff Berend   January 10, 2022    Insights, Industry Insights, Leadership, News

    When the calendar says it’s early January, you can count on at least two things: Most of us are on a diet and there are plenty of articles with predictions for the coming year. We can’t resist either, especially in a period that has seen so much change in public safety and in our world […]

    Pinnacle EMS 2021

    Keith Griffiths Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award at Pinnacle 2021

    by RedFlash Group   August 13, 2021    Insights, Branding, Leadership, News

    PHOENIX, AZ — Keith Griffiths, founding editor of JEMS and a longtime advocate for EMS and public safety, was honored at the 15th Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum with the Pinnacle Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to emergency medical services over the course of their career. “Keith’s passion for […]