We develop a deep understanding of what makes your organization tick, and what’s needed for you to take the next step. Using a proven approach, combined with customized consultation, we help you make an impact.

Research & Diagnostic

In medicine, diagnosis comes before the prescription, right? It’s the same for strategic communications. Sometimes prospective clients will come to us and say “We need XYZ.” They may be right. But they may be wrong. We assess before we take action. It’s amazing how much time and money this saves organizations.

Communication Plan

Too often, organizations start on tactics before they have a strategy. We help you get that strategy in place first, which makes prioritizing and executing tactics more effective — and more impactful. A Strategic Communication Plan typically includes positioning, branding, key messages, target audiences and recommended tactics. This is the road map you need to get from here to there.

Thought Leadership

In public safety, trust and credibility come from believing in the organizations and their leaders. We help our clients develop thought leadership in a variety of ways—securing conference speaking opportunities, writing/publishing, social positioning, industry awards, boards & committees, and more.

Industry Connections

Getting connected with the right industry leaders can pay huge dividends. We often tap our trusted circle of experts and introduce them to new innovations, technology and organizations. Whether through video calls, casual dinners or formal advisory meetings, the feedback from these public safety stalwarts can be the difference between a product that’s a home run and one that’s a swing and a miss.



The Communication Strategy Roadmap

Helping the Center for Public Safety Excellence Set a Course for Marketing Success

What does the industry think of us? Are we known for what we want to be known for? What does our community value most about us? How could we better connect with our target audiences? These are the kinds of questions that the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) asked themselves when considering what next move to make with their communication efforts.