Once your communication strategy is determined, we can help you execute it. Our team of writers, planners, designers and PR gurus can help you implement critical marketing tactics. And because we specialize in public safety, we make sure that the language, tone, imagery, design and approach of those tactics is expertly tailored to your audiences.

Expert Content

To tell your story, we may use any of a combination of tools—video, case studies, white papers, webinars and more. One constant is using our position as a trusted third party to help your customers sing your praises. Our approach is to educate and inform the audience. Overt selling and overly promotional material is a turn-off to public safety leaders, who want trusted advice and information. The result is content that brings credibility to your organization, your service or product.

Mission-Driven Digital

Websites. Social strategy. Lead gen. SEO. Etc. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of trying to do everything all at once. But what do you prioritize? First, we line up how to best support your over-arching strategy. Then, we work with you to identify and prioritize the most impactful digital efforts. You should be able to focus on your organization’s mission without getting sucked into the digital weeds. We’ll help you focus on the right efforts at the right time.

Campaign Development

Sometimes you need to get the word out in a broad or targeted way. We develop campaign strategy and execute via PR, paid media, social, conferences and trade shows, content marketing and more. When done right, the sum of a campaign will ALWAYS be greater than the parts. Each element should tie to the next, building momentum and bringing the message to your audience in a variety of ways and channels that cause them to take ACTION.



A Message Worth Sharing

How One Infographic Reached over Half a Million People

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Office of EMS (OEMS) is one of RedFlash's most long-standing clients. Since 2008, we’ve supported the Office's communication and outreach needs to federal, state and local stakeholders. We bring our knowledge of public safety and generate outreach success.