RedFlash Group’s Greatest Hits (Circa 2022)

We’re hoping your holiday season is full of good food, good people and good cheer. And perhaps a little down time to reflect on all that’s happened over these nearly 12 months. If so, you may want to spend some of it catching up on our best-loved blogs from the past year.

Many of the most common marketing approaches that work wonders in traditional business settings simply don’t resonate with public safety leaders. (Trust us, a whole lot of “sizzle” and talk about “heroes” won’t land well.)Get smart on what matters most to those who lead in law enforcement, EMS, the fire service and 911.

You’ve heard the expression “measure what matters,” right? One metric to know and use: customer lifetime value (CLV)which means the profit you earn from a client year over year after you deduct the marketing investment to get and keep that client. Thisblog post (and its accompanyingworksheet) covers why public safety customers typically rank high in CLV and why ROI for this sector can be hard to measure. 

How do successful organizations stay connected to their public safety audiences and optimize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts? For starters, they invite feedback–and listen when they get it. Also important: Know what your organization cares about—and stick to it.Keep reading to find four more sound pieces of advice gleaned from our 20+ years in the public safety market.

Did you know that, with rare exceptions, public safety media publications, websites and newsletters rely on sponsorships and advertising to survive? Similarly, industry associations’ operating budget often comes largely from trade show and conference revenue.Read the whole post  to learn how to collaborate with trade media and associations—and get the most from your marketing spend.

Our January 2022 article was filled with predictions from public safety experts and RedFlash staff on what the new year would look like.Check it out to see how well we did.

Want to make 2023 your best year ever? We’d love to help –let’s start a conversation.

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