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    Celebrating Milestones and Anniversaries: Marketing Gimmick, or Opportunity for Reflection?

    by Keith Griffiths   June 7, 2021    Insights, Branding, Communication Strategy, Execution

    While you shouldn’t overdo it, selectively using company anniversaries and milestones can make for effective marketing campaigns in public safety. Learn more.

    Why Tension Between Sales & Marketing is a Good Thing

    by Jeff Berend   June 2, 2021    Insights, Leadership, Strategy, Thought Leadership

    If your public safety sales and marketing teams are at odds, that’s not necessarily a problem. Find out how to turn that healthy tension into progress.

    3 Things You Must Do to Successfully Sell to Public Safety

    by Jeff Berend   May 10, 2021    Insights, Branding, Positioning, Strategy

    Selling to public safety is not the same as selling in other industries. Discover 3 specific approaches that will get you better results right now.

    Thought Leaders

    How to Get Public Safety Thought Leaders Together to Talk Up Your Business

    by Jeff Berend   May 3, 2021    Insights, Positioning, Strategy, Thought Leadership

    We’ve all experienced the magic that happens when the right mix of people gets together. They don’t need to be friends or even acquaintances, but they do have to have something in common. In public safety, that thing is very often a genuine passion for and expertise in helping people.