Money Matters: Our Most Popular Posts About Budgeting & ROI

If money is on your mind, you’re definitely not alone. When asked about their number-one challenge in 2022, 30% of B2B marketers surveyed byHubspot said “measuring the ROI of marketing activities.” 

Interestingly, that didn’t make the top list of challenges for marketers looking ahead to 2023, but “ROI” snuck its way into a number of thepredicted top marketing trends of the new year. For example, short-form video, thought leadership and website SEO should continue to see high return on investment for marketing teams that invest in them. And there was a big emphasis on using data to inform decisions; that’s about spending wisely too, of course.

With all that in mind, we thought now would be a great time to revisit RedFlash Group’s most-read blog posts (and one ebook) designed specifically to help you astutely allocate your marketing spend so your tactics in reaching leaders in public safety deliver the impact you’re looking for.

We hope you won’t think us immodest when we say this Ebook is among our best-performing content ever. While we’re proud of the information here, we know it’s also because so many people are trying to figure out how to create an agile marketing budget that can flex in uncertain times. Inthis guide, you’ll learn more about how public safety typically fares in a down economy; the right questions to ask as you build your marketing budget; how to create “worst,” “likely” and “best” budget scenarios; the importance of digital marketing; and more.

If you’re a marketer, you may already be familiar with the customer lifetime value (CLV) model–which simply means measuring how much profit you earn in total, year over year, from a customer compared to the investment it takes to get and keep that customer.Read on to learn more about why public safety is such a good investment (even if ROI can be tougher to measure in this sector) and download our worksheet to help calculate CLV for your own clients.

Thefinancial outlook these days is, admittedly, pretty gloomy. But there are some bright spots. That’s the focus of thisblog post, which covers what you should expect in public safety when the economic picture turns darker, including understanding how budget priorities will likely shift and how the labor shortage is affecting law enforcement, 911, the fire-rescue service and EMS. It concludes with four actions you start taking right now to help ensure your marketing approach is working as hard as it can.


Check out these examples of how our work made an impact for three of our clients, theCenter for Public Safety Excellence, theNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of EMS, and Nevada’sRegional Emergency Medical Services Authority.

If you’ve done the math and are ready to start a conversation about lifting the ROI on your marketing efforts to connect with public safety,we’d love to hear from you.

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