Case Study


Sharing an EMS Agency’s Innovation Across the Nation

How Strategic Storytelling Put REMSA On The Map


An Innovative Program in Need of a Bullhorn

Success is meant to be shared. Especially when it has the power to create positive change. One innovative EMS agency in Nevada, Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA), wanted to share how they were transforming healthcare in their community and beyond.

After winning a government grant, REMSA launched a progressive mobile integrated healthcare program and saw powerful results. But they needed help communicating their success loud and clear enough to make an industry-wide impact.



Sharing Success to Inspire Action

That’s why REMSA brought in the RedFlash Group to determine the best marketing approach to translate their success into awareness and action. Their story deserved national attention as it had the potential to improve EMS practices in communities across the U.S.

It was also important to show REMSA as a trailblazer in mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) in a way that was approachable, informative and inspiring. We knew the strategy had to:

  1. Demonstrate the benefits of MIH programs to the community
  2. Instill confidence at the federal level to fund more programs
  3. Encourage other EMS agencies to implement similar models

High-Stakes Storytelling

Storytelling was the foundation of the campaign strategy, but it needed multiple elements to make it meaningful. REMSA’s impressive results needed to drive national awareness of community health programs. Engaging stakeholders was also key—federal decision makers, EMS leadership and their personnel.

We discussed these objectives in a series of strategic discussions and brainstorming sessions with REMSA. We agreed the story needed to be told in a captivating form that was representative of REMSA’s commitment to improving EMS. Then we would distribute the story through carefully chosen channels.

Casting a Wide Marketing Net

To share the story widely and effectively, an authoritative white paper was chosen as the content anchor, amplified with targeted outreach strategies including an expert-led webinar and proactive media relations. Here’s how it came to life:

  • White Paper: We crafted a compelling narrative to frame REMSA’s experience implementing the program, weaving in their powerful data and success stories to make it real. All packaged into an intentional and shareable design.
  • Webinar: We organized a well-attended, engaging webinar hosted by REMSA leadership to walk EMS leaders through their success and equip them with the steps to replicate it.
  • Publicity: We tapped into our long-standing relationships with industry media and associations to publicize the white paper release and the webinar announcement.

Sparking National Conversations

The result? Our chosen marketing and outreach strategy helped inform a larger discussion about the importance of community health programs. It also had a role in empowering hundreds of other EMS agencies to implement programs in their regions. REMSA was also recognized as an expert in mobile healthcare, garnering them national recognition for their progress in this area.

“We gained a lot of insight with standing up a successful mobile integrated healthcare program in our region,” said Bradford H. Lee, MD, JD, MBA, former Chief Medical Officer of REMSA. “Our lessons learned and best practices needed to be shared with the EMS community and RedFlash helped us put our program on the national map.”

REMSA put in the hard work of creating measurable improvement in their community healthcare initiatives and had a strong story to tell. Developing a customized marketing strategy, coupled with our rooted relationships with industry stakeholders and media, RedFlash and REMSA were able to share the story in an impactful way and inspire other EMS agencies to move forward with their own programs.


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