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    7 Ways to Market Tech to Non-Tech People

    by Crawford Coates   February 8, 2023    Insights

    Not every public safety agency will embrace every new technology. And it can be difficult to market new technology to those who either don’t understand it or simply prefer a traditional approach to the job. But it’s up to you, dear marketing comrades, to show public safety professionals how to turn technology advances into an […]

    Money Matters: Our Most Popular Posts About Budgeting & ROI

    by Jake Knight   January 24, 2023    Insights

    If money is on your mind, you’re definitely not alone. When asked about their number-one challenge in 2022, 30% of B2B marketers surveyed byHubspot said “measuring the ROI of marketing activities.” Interestingly, that didn’t make the top list of challenges for marketers looking ahead to 2023, but “ROI” snuck its way into a number of […]

    How to Engage with a Public Safety Marketing Team

    by Rebecca Vogel   January 3, 2023    Insights

    As we approach a new year, you may be wondering if now is the time to give your public safety marketing a turbo boost and who should help you with that. If you’re considering working with a specialized firm, this piece outlines how we do things at RedFlash Group based on what we have found […]

    RedFlash Group’s Greatest Hits (Circa 2022)

    by Jeff Berend   December 7, 2022    Insights

    We’re hoping your holiday season is full of good food, good people and good cheer. And perhaps a little down time to reflect on all that’s happened over these nearly 12 months. If so, you may want to spend some of it catching up on our best-loved blogs from the past year. 1. Marketing to […]

    Your 2023 Marketing Plan Should Answer These Questions

    by Rebecca Vogel   November 18, 2022    Insights, Communication Strategy, Strategy

    Is it really possible that 2023 is almost here? And though more things are back to normal, there are still new challenges and uncertainties–as well as opportunities– ahead. What are the emerging trends and needs in public safety? And what can brands that support the industry do to prepare? These are the kinds of things […]