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    Kris Kaull Joins RedFlash Group as Partner

    by Jeff Berend   May 8, 2024    Insights

    Public Safety Leader Set to Enhance Consulting Firm’s Reach and Expertise May 8, 2024, San Diego—Kris Kaull, a leading public safety media and marketing innovator, has joined RedFlash Group as a Partner. With more than 30 years of experience as a critical care flight paramedic, fire and EMS operations leader, entrepreneur, and marketing expert, Kaull […]

    6 Key Tips to Great Public Safety Marketing

    by Jeff Berend   April 2, 2024    Insights, Leadership, News, Strategy

    The public safety market isn’t all that big. Spotting the organizations that find marketing success in this sector is easy if you have enough experience. RedFlash has been helping clients understand and reach public safety leaders for more than two decades. We’ve seen our share of fast risers and equally swift disappearance acts. Having the […]

    Predictable is Preventable: Top Mistakes in Marketing to Public Safety

    by Jeff Berend   February 21, 2024    Insights

    If you’ve attended any public safety conferences or trade shows, you’ve probably heard the legendaryGordon Graham deliver a keynote. For those who don’t know him, he’s a risk management guru, attorney, a founder of Lexipol, 33-year veteran of California law enforcement…the list goes on.  He famously stuck with the overhead transparency for presentations instead of […]

    Four Truths About AI You Need to Know Right Now

    by Jake Knight   January 26, 2024    Insights

    Let’s make one thing clear: We’re definitely not Luddites. We love technology as much as anyone, and in fact most of our clients are technology companies. We’re genuinely excited aboutartificial intelligence (AI) and actively exploring its potential uses in our work as well as following the ways public safety is leveraging the many flavors of […]

    Planning for 2024 and Beyond: Our Best Strategy & Planning Blogs

    by Jeff Berend   December 12, 2023    Insights, News

    One of the things we like best about the end of the year is the look-back and look-ahead content that floods our streams and screens. It’s a rush of “oh, I forgot about that” and “wow, not sure that will happen in 2024…” Still, it gets us thinking: what will the new year look like? […]