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    What’s A Public Safety Customer Worth? Measuring Lifetime Value

    by Jake Knight   October 21, 2020    Insights, Leadership, Strategy

    Has your organization recently dived into the world of public safety? Or maybe you’re a longtime public safety marketer. Either way, it can be challenging to pinpoint the ROI of marketing your products and services in this space.

    5 Ways to Stabilize & Build Your Public Safety Business, Right Now

    by Jeff Berend   October 14, 2020    Insights, Execution, Strategy

    It’s been really interesting to watch different organizations respond to the pandemic and economic crisis. Some have withdrawn and are quietly trying to weather the chaos. Others are more status quo; they aren’t doing anything much differently today compared to February 2020.

    How to Approach Your Marketing Budget During a Downturn

    by Jake Knight   September 25, 2020    Insights, Leadership, Strategy

    If you’re like most companies, you’re taking a hard look at your marketing budget and considering some difficult choices in response to the current economy. Typically, boom (expansion) and bust (contraction, or recession) cycles average about five years for an expansion and around one year for a recession. That said, the expansion cycle that lasted from 2009 to February 2020 was the longest ever recorded—and most economists are anticipating a longer than average recession.

    What You Say Matters: How to Make Messaging Compelling and Consistent

    by Alyssa Wickham   September 8, 2020    Insights, Communication Strategy, Positioning

    Scope creep. We’ve all heard of this in the world of project management, but did you know it can happen in your messaging too? Companies can get distracted by what their competitors are saying or fleeting trends, losing touch with what they should be communicating to their customers.

    How to Dial in Your Marketing Budget for Public Safety

    by Jake Knight   August 25, 2020    Insights, Leadership, Strategy

    Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said: “Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been.” It’s an adage that inspires forward thinking in the sports world, but also resonates with the leadership topic of marketing budgets.