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    3 Things You Must Do to Successfully Sell to Public Safety

    by Jeff Berend   May 10, 2021    Insights, Branding, Positioning, Strategy

    Selling to public safety is not the same as selling in other industries. Discover 3 specific approaches that will get you better results right now.

    Thought Leaders

    How to Get Public Safety Thought Leaders Together to Talk Up Your Business

    by Jeff Berend   May 3, 2021    Insights, Positioning, Strategy, Thought Leadership

    We’ve all experienced the magic that happens when the right mix of people gets together. They don’t need to be friends or even acquaintances, but they do have to have something in common. In public safety, that thing is very often a genuine passion for and expertise in helping people.

    How to Unify Your Marketing Messaging

    by Tricia Duva   April 9, 2021    Insights, Communication Strategy

    It is paramount that you build trust in safety marketing, and that can’t be done without clear, consistent brand communication. Discover how to ensure impactful messaging.

    Why Words Matter in Marketing to Public Safety

    by Jeff Berend   March 9, 2021    Insights, Communication Strategy, Industry Insights, Positioning

    We’ve all been there. You work for months on a marketing campaign, only to deploy it a resounding chorus of crickets. Zero response. Or maybe you’ve crafted an email that you hope will gain you new business, only to be met with radio silence. The cruelest part of making a misstep in your communications is that you often don’t know when you’ve said or written something that put off a customer or stakeholder.

    7 Truths About Working with Public Safety Media and Associations

    by Jeff Berend   February 22, 2021    Insights, Industry Insights, Leadership, Thought Leadership

    Do you want to harness the power of public safety associations and media to help your organization? Understand how to garner free press and powerful sponsorships with strong ROI? Well, I’m going to lift the curtain in this “tell all” and show you how to work with our industry’s media and associations—and what not to do.