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    7 Truths About Working with Public Safety Media and Associations

    by Jeff Berend   February 22, 2021    Insights, Industry Insights, Leadership, Thought Leadership

    Do you want to harness the power of public safety associations and media to help your organization? Understand how to garner free press and powerful sponsorships with strong ROI? Well, I’m going to lift the curtain in this “tell all” and show you how to work with our industry’s media and associations—and what not to do.

    Your Public Safety Marketing Should Start with Digital

    by Jake Knight   February 16, 2021    Insights, Leadership, Strategy

    It’s easy in tough economies to want to bypass strategy and go straight to tactics. That’s a sure-fire way to waste money. It’s vital to have a comprehensive marketing plan in place so you don’t waste effort on 1) going in the wrong direction and 2) spending on marketing tactics that are not complementary or additive to overall goals.

    Video: How to Tell Your Organization’s Story

    by Rebecca Vogel   January 25, 2021    Insights, Communication Strategy, Positioning, Strategy, Thought Leadership

    How will you supercharge your marketing in 2021? Selling an idea, product or service has common fundamentals. It’s not easy in normal times to cut through the everyday noise to position your organization. With the background of the pandemic and limited in-person conferences, how do you market yourself and make your mission stand out this year?

    PEER PROOF: How to Build Trust and Credibility Through Customer Stories

    by Rebecca Vogel   January 12, 2021    Insights, Execution, Strategy

    What are the first things you do when deciding on where to have dinner or which TV to buy? Read the reviews. Maybe ask your friends what they recommend. And you’re not alone. 89% of buyers say testimonials, reviews, case studies, etc. are what they rely on most to make their decisions. Why? Because what an organization has to say about themselves and what they offer matters immensely.


    by Rebecca Vogel   November 16, 2020    Insights, Industry Insights

    We all have strengths and weaknesses. No one is a master of all things (and if you find someone who is I think you found yourself an embellisher). Similarly, your marketing team can’t be expected to offer an expertise in every realm of marketing nor in each market your organization serves. So, the universe invented agencies.