May 2018

What Your Brand Name Tells Your Customers

The RedFlash team was recently presented with an interesting opportunity: We were asked to help name a major global brand being launched by one of our healthcare clients. The stakes were especially high because the client had already invested a lot of money and effort in finding a name, yet had been unsuccessful in building […]

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Feb 2018

How to Tell Your Story So People Will Listen

Recently, a consulting client came to us with a question: Why weren’t they getting leads from the webinars they kept conducting? The webinars were led by a knowledgeable and articulate product manager who did a great job of explaining the product. The product manager clearly identified the product’s benefits and gave plenty of reasons why […]

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Nov 2017

Why Trust Matters So Much

When public safety professionals look to your brand, what do they expect? Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to study the key brand attributes public safety professionals value most when deciding which companies they want to do business with. What’s #1? Here’s a hint: it’s not innovation. It’s not the quality of your product, […]

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