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    Pinnacle EMS 2021

    Keith Griffiths Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award at Pinnacle 2021

    by RedFlash Group   August 13, 2021    Insights, Branding, Leadership, News

    PHOENIX, AZ — Keith Griffiths, founding editor of JEMS and a longtime advocate for EMS and public safety, was honored at the 15th Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum with the Pinnacle Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to emergency medical services over the course of their career. “Keith’s passion for […]

    Public Safety Conferences

    Public Safety Conferences Are Back! What to Expect

    by Jeff Berend   August 9, 2021    Insights, Branding, Communication Strategy, Thought Leadership

    It seems pretty clear that most of us are itching to get back out into the world. And that includes not just having fun but doing business. June 2021 was on track to be the first month since March 2020 – the start of the Before Times – when in-person events were expected to drive […]

    Public Safety Content That's Engaging

    How to Create Content That Connects with Public Safety

    by Jake Knight   August 2, 2021    Insights, Communication Strategy, Execution

    Chances are, you’re already familiar with the typical three-act structure of most stories. It’s a formula that’s applied to virtually every form of storytelling: the lengthy set-up, followed by the confrontation or climax and, finally, the resolution. When applied to screenwriting, about half of the actual storytelling takes place in Act II, with the rest […]

    5 Ways to Become a Networking Master in Public Safety

    by Keith Griffiths   July 26, 2021    Insights, Branding, Thought Leadership

    Virtual events definitely have their place. After all, we learned to live with them for something like 16 months. But can you sense the excitement for something else – something live – that’s been building these days? In-person conferences and events in public safety are finally back, with a glut in the late summer and fall […]

    Five Ways to Improve Your Thought Leadership in Public Safety

    by Tricia Duva   July 7, 2021    Insights, Branding, Thought Leadership

    As we all know, no one can speak eloquently on every topic, to every audience. So how do you do thought leadership right when talking to those in public safety? After all, when done well, it’s a powerful marketing tactic. Thought leadership calls to mind the Pied Piper, someone whose “tune” so entices an audience […]