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    Marketing to Public Safety Leaders: 5 Truths

    by Jeff Berend   July 8, 2024    Insights, Communication Strategy, Leadership, Strategy

    Marketing to public safety audiences is different. It just is. A product demo by a product manager is a common and effective tactic at most industry conferences. A sales team heating up warm leads for your digital service through a webinar is another tried-and-true marketing method with a reasonably high probability for success. Focusing exclusively […]

    National vs. Regional: What Works Best in Public Safety Marketing?

    by Rebecca Vogel   May 28, 2024    Insights, Communication Strategy, Strategy, Thought Leadership

    Marketing budgets and resources are limited. As are the time and attention of your public safety customers. So when you do manage to capture the interest of your target audience, it’s important that your marketing campaigns deliver the right message.  Public safety leaders are trained to make quick, decisive choices. If your marketing messaging misses […]

    Kris Kaull Joins RedFlash Group as Partner

    by Jeff Berend   May 8, 2024    Insights

    Public Safety Leader Set to Enhance Consulting Firm’s Reach and Expertise May 8, 2024, San Diego—Kris Kaull, a leading public safety media and marketing innovator, has joined RedFlash Group as a Partner. With more than 30 years of experience as a critical care flight paramedic, fire and EMS operations leader, entrepreneur, and marketing expert, Kaull […]

    6 Key Tips to Great Public Safety Marketing

    by Jeff Berend   April 2, 2024    Insights, Leadership, News, Strategy

    The public safety market isn’t all that big. Spotting the organizations that find marketing success in this sector is easy if you have enough experience. RedFlash has been helping clients understand and reach public safety leaders for more than two decades. We’ve seen our share of fast risers and equally swift disappearance acts. Having the […]

    Predictable is Preventable: Top Mistakes in Marketing to Public Safety

    by Jeff Berend   February 21, 2024    Insights

    If you’ve attended any public safety conferences or trade shows, you’ve probably heard the legendaryGordon Graham deliver a keynote. For those who don’t know him, he’s a risk management guru, attorney, a founder of Lexipol, 33-year veteran of California law enforcement…the list goes on.  He famously stuck with the overhead transparency for presentations instead of […]