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    PEER PROOF: How to Build Trust and Credibility Through Customer Stories

    by Rebecca Vogel   January 12, 2021    Insights, Strategy

    What are the first things you do when deciding on where to have dinner or which TV to buy? Read the reviews. Maybe ask your friends what they recommend. And you’re not alone. 89% of buyers say testimonials, reviews, case studies, etc. are what they rely on most to make their decisions. Why? Because what an organization has to say about themselves and what they offer matters immensely.


    by Rebecca Vogel   November 16, 2020    Insights, Industry Insights

    We all have strengths and weaknesses. No one is a master of all things (and if you find someone who is I think you found yourself an embellisher). Similarly, your marketing team can’t be expected to offer an expertise in every realm of marketing nor in each market your organization serves. So, the universe invented agencies.

    How To Be the Rock Star Event Speaker Your Company Needs

    by Keith Griffiths   November 6, 2020    Insights, Thought Leadership

    You’re at a national conference where you normally exhibit (remember those days?). But this year you’ve been asked to speak and have just been introduced by a member of the board of directors by a well-regarded national public safety association.

    How to Measure Lifetime Value in Your Marketing Efforts

    by Jake Knight   October 21, 2020    Insights, Leadership, Strategy

    Has your organization recently dived into the world of public safety? Or maybe you’re a longtime public safety marketer. Either way, it can be challenging to pinpoint the ROI of marketing your products and services in this space.

    5 Ways to Stabilize & Build Your Public Safety Business, Right Now

    by Jeff Berend   October 14, 2020    Insights, Execution, Strategy

    It’s been really interesting to watch different organizations respond to the pandemic and economic crisis. Some have withdrawn and are quietly trying to weather the chaos. Others are more status quo; they aren’t doing anything much differently today compared to February 2020.