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    7 Truths About Working with Public Safety Media and Associations

    by Jeff Berend   July 25, 2022    Insights, Industry Insights, Leadership, Thought Leadership

    Do you want to harness the power of public safety associations and media to help your organization? Understand how to garner free press and powerful sponsorships with strong ROI? Well, I’m going to lift the curtain in this “tell all” and show you how to work with our industry’s media and associations—and what not to do.

    Marketing to Law Enforcement: Getting Past the Misconceptions

    by Crawford Coates   July 6, 2022    Insights, Communication Strategy

    Of all the public safety disciplines, law enforcement occupies a unique place in American culture. Generations of Americans have grown up with police detectives daily gracing the screens of their living room televisions. From Miami Vice and Law & Order to CSI and NCIS, cop shows have shaped many of our impressions of the men […]

    What You Should Know About Marketing to the Fire Service

    by Jeff Berend   June 15, 2022    Insights

    The fire service has a rich and storied tradition in America. That tradition is supported by an enduring and distinct culture — one that doesn’t open itself to outside influence easily. Taking the wrong marketing approach — targeting the wrong people or leaning into the wrong message — can keep you on the outside looking […]

    Doing Business with Public Safety During Economic Downturns

    by Jake Knight   May 17, 2022    Insights

    The next economic recession is on its way. That seems to be the consensus opinion among professional and retail investors according to a recentBloomberg Markets Live weekly survey. And that speculation is increasingly being echoed bytop financial analysts andfinancial media. Numerous factors—pandemic spending-induced inflation, a tight labor market, the war raging in Europe and thesubsequentenergy […]

    National vs. Regional: What Works Best in Public Safety Marketing?

    by Rebecca Vogel   April 26, 2022    Insights, Communication Strategy, Strategy, Thought Leadership

    Marketing budgets and resources are limited. As are the time and attention of your public safety customers. So when you do manage to capture the interest of your target audience, it’s important that your marketing campaigns deliver the right message.  Public safety leaders are trained to make quick, decisive choices. If your marketing messaging misses […]